bitcoin loans Risks

Risks of bitcoin loans

Risks of bitcoin loans for borrowers If you’re one of the lucky few who acquire bitcoin and make use of it for goods or investments that matter, the volatility of bitcoin won’t affect you much. You will not notice as […]


What are ASIC Miners and Why Are They So Important

ASIC, or Application Specific Integrated Circuit, entered the Bitcoin mining market with full force in 2013. Shrouded in mystery for most and being almost mythical creatures, these mining beasts of burdens reached staggering prices in April 2013. What are these […]


Feathercoin – There’s a New Kid on the Block!

  A couple of weeks ago, a new cryptocurrency popped up over on Bitcointalk. The new coin, dubbed Feathercoin, initially looks extremely like Litecoin with the major difference being the amount of coin in potential circulation. Block rewards are set to 200 […]